StatusToday allows you to focus on what matters the most for your organization. Our solution is an innovative, patent-pending combination of Machine Learning, Organizational Human Behavior Analysis and Cloud Computing. Discover behavior patterns easily with our AI dashboard, carefully crafted to go over all of your data within a few clicks. Understand your business better by focusing on what is most important – the people.


Our advanced Artificial Intelligence adapts to your organization's behavior and self-learns to detect the most subtle patterns in employee activity.


Identify and observe critical operations right when it happens in real time through our advanced monitoring system.


By approaching operational intelligence from a human-centric view, we give unprecedented visibility into roles, department, communications and even sales


We don't intercept your data or intrude in the network for sensitive information. Instead we use a passive monitoring approach that sits behind the scene.



Team Image
Ankur Modi
CEO and Data Scientist
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Mircea Danila Dumitrescu
CTO and Architect
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Entrepreneur First
Awarded Europe's #1 Tech Accelerator
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Dr. Michael Huth
Product Advisor
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Nadav Rosenberg
Growth Advisor
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Andrea Grande
Senior Business Development Manager
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Mihai Suteu
Product Maker
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Wendy Mak
Product Engineer