StatusToday employs a unique approach to security. We analyze behavior in the context of humans and their intended actions to protect you and your company. Using state of the art Machine Learning techniques and Organizational Human Behavior analysis, we detect any possible malicious behavior, no matter how big, no matter how small.


We don't intercept your data or intrude in the network to decrease the performance. Instead we used a passive monitoring approach that sits behind the scene.


Our advanced Artificial Intelligence adapts to your organization's behavior and self-learns to detect the slightest abnormality in activities.


Identify suspicious activity right when it happens in real time through our advanced monitoring system.


We understand the humans behind the system and approach your cyber security from a human-centric point of view



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Ankur Modi
CEO and Data Scientist
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Mircea Danila Dumitrescu
CTO and Architect
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Entrepreneur First
EF Summer 2015 Cohort
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Dr. Michael Huth
Product Advisor
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Nadav Rosenberg
Growth Advisor
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Andrea Grande
Senior Business Development Manager
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Anila Prinsen
Business Development Manager
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Karim Abdeselam Canales
Product Maker
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Mihai Suteu
Product Maker