Isaak Organisation Network Analysis (ONA)

Meet Isaak,

an AI that gives you people analytics

Get real-time, automatic communication and wellbeing insights to boost your productivity today.

Meet Isaak,

now a Gartner Cool Vendor

An AI that gives you people analytics to transform communications and wellbeing. Boost your productivity today.

Your AI-powered solution


Improve working habits with live productivity insights

Graph of AI Powered People Analytics showing Overworking Signals

Uncover your Email Behaviour

Get on top of your inbox with with email analytics to improve your productivity, client relationships as well as work-life balance. Unlock the power of your email data with an enterprise-grade AI-powered interactive dashboard and custom reports that inspire smarter people and business decisions

Transform Workplace Wellbeing

Isaak provides real-time wellbeing insights including email overload, overworking signals and focus hours. Use people analytics to understand email responsiveness, work completed outside of office hours and time spent without distractions. Sign up to see your overworking score now:
Visual of Organizational Network Analysis powered by AI People analytics to transform organizational behavior

Detect collaboration and engagement patterns

Isaak provides an X-ray into the inner workings of your communication web with our Organizational and Individual Network Analysis. Visualize and detect your collaboration patterns, and quickly identify your most engaged partners, employees, and customers. Analyze your network now:

AI Powered Customer Relationship Intelligence Communications Billboard

Gain customer relationship intelligence

Get real-time insights into your customer relationships without having to input any manual data. Strengthen your customer relationship 'health' by receiving signals from our AI Isaak when the relationship changes, and understand how well-connected and collaborative you are with both internal and external contacts. Sign up to improve your customer relationships now:


how does it work?

1. Data Connection

After a 1-click sign up, data is pulled via API so Isaak can analyze your email activity metadata, ensuring maximum privacy.

2. Machine Learning

Metadata is computed by Isaak and analyzed using statistical models and unsupervised machine learning to create insights.

3. Free Email Report

Receive email reports containing AI-powered insights to boost productivity, helping you run your business the smarter way.

4. Live Dashboard

Get real-time insights from your own interactive Dashboard. Upgrade to Premium and dive deeper into your AI journey

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Why choose Isaak

StatusToday has enormous potential […] to help organizations gain true insight into the behaviours of their people that generate successful growth.

Alan Millard, Chief Operating Officer, Hiscox

Isaak’s Data Visualisation goes beyond Business Intelligence and instantaneously gives paradigm changing self awareness. […] Isaak gives our team an access to a whole new dimension of power, communication and possibility, at work and in our relationship to life.

David Rivers, CEO, Mojo Mesh

For the first time, we are able to gain insights across organisation, teams, and individuals on their how are they communicating internally, externally.

Verified Capterra Reviewer

The best available real-time exhaust collector and visualizator of organizational state and dynamics.

Tommaso Fabbri, Partner, e:lab Consulting

You can get really useful insights on how is your team going: who are overworking, […] who are critical to your business and has a wide network of communication.

Verified Capterra Reviewer

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