Understand your employees

The world’s first employee insights platform that helps companies boost employee wellness and transform workplace productivity.

For Limited Time:  StatusToday and all it’s premium solutions are free for companies up to 1000 employees.

Understand your employees

Whether you need to boost employee wellness, improve workplace productivity or make sense of org behavior, StatusToday makes it easy with AI that works for you.

For Limited Time:  StatusToday and all it’s premium solutions are free for companies up to 1000 employees.


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Make employee wellness a priority

Driven by artificial intelligence, StatusToday’s employee wellness technology provides insights that empower your company to ensure positive employee experience. Email overload, overworking signals and focus hours are no longer a mystery, as the dashboard provides you with all you need to know.

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A productive workplace is a successful workplace

The success of your business begins with workplace productivity. Measure email response rates, determine external network reach, and be empowered to reduce cold external email noise. StatusToday maps communication and collaboration patterns – made more useful with artificial intelligence– putting knowledge in your hands, so you can target specific areas for improvement and empower your team to reach their full productive potential.

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Make sense of org behavior

You don’t need consultants to gain comprehensive understanding of your organization. StatusToday’s artificial intelligence builds a searchable history of all company activity and does the hard work for you: makes sense of it. Automatic and round-the-clock activity auditing makes things simple, giving you the ability to breakdown patterns of activity by geography, role, or team.

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StatusToday has enormous potential. Not only to protect us, but to help organizations gain true insight into the behaviours of their people that generate successful growth.


Alan Millard, Chief Operating Officer, Hiscox

You’re in good company

From Startups to Fortune 500,  hundreds of companies have used StatusToday to better understand their employees.


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