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Activity Auditing Made Easy

Activity auditing has never been so easy. Whether it’s sensitive information or basic audits, StatusToday can help you manage, action, and audit information for your business.

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StatusToday can help you manage, action and audit sensitive information critical to your business. Compliance shouldn’t be so hard.

In today’s digital business world, it is essential to have an accurate, up-to-date data track record.

A comprehensive, readily accessible and current report of all digital actions to meet the demands of GDPR compliance is now absolutely fundamental.

As a manager or an organization, the ability to answer detailed questions about what’s going on in the company’s databases is now non-negotiable.

Activity Auditing made simple with StatusToday
Activity Auditing with StatusToday's employee insight software and activity auditing.

Compliance and beyond

Beyond regulatory and compliance, digital track record of company activity is crucial for revealing organizational patterns and providing meaningful insights that may be lost or overlooked. Of course, there are the fundamental questions closely related to regulatory data investigations: Are privileged users abusing their unlimited access? How did a specific user gain access to the data? When was the data accessed or changed?

But what about the questions that, using the same activity logs, can actually help companies understand their organization’s behavior? For instance: What does the company’s average day look like regarding digital activity? What about the sales or engineering team­?

Companies can and should use all of this activity data to inform strategy better and to improve operational and organizational practices.

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StatusToday provides an accessible, searchable Activity Audit.

StatusToday collects all activity data and then does the hard part: makes sense of it.  The Activity Audit gives managers the ability to capture their digital activity ecosystem. The artificial intelligence detects and identifies abnormal and unusual activity that may signal compromise of the company’s data – providing a proactive, rather than reactive, solution to potential compliance and GDPR investigations.

Centralized and easily searchable, the log empowers users to filter through every task performed to search for specific episodes, while also displaying impacted digital resources and files.

On-demand audit reports are also provided by StatusToday ensuring companies are always covered when they need to be.

The automatic access to a centralized audit log safeguards companies in case of accidental data actions – such as deletions of essential files or unintended modifications. In this way, StatusToday guarantees managers can get to the bottom of all digital actions, across company systems, easily.

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Determine org behavior

Readily available Org Behavior insights

Using the comprehensive log of activity, insights can be used to target specific areas of org behavior improvement, such as employee lifecycle information: analyzing data that is relevant to employees at each stage of their employment, from onboarding while joining to off-boarding while leaving, and even long tenure employees. In this way, the digital audit log is not simply meeting compliance demands, but providing meaningful insight and bolstering successful org behavior as well.

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