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Email overload shouldn’t be a source of stress

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Email shouldn’t be a source of stress

StatusToday can help you manage, action and reduce cold email noise affecting your organization.

The growing number of emails in an employee’s inbox is considered a major cause of stress in the workplace.

Email overload goes beyond simply the number of emails an employee sends or receives. As email today has morphed into an all-encompassing task-center, employees’ perception of overload is now directly linked to the anxiety felt when called to handle messages. On top of this, norms of email responsiveness have expanded to outside office hours and weekends. As such, employees increasingly experience email overload.

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Anxiety, stress, and distraction…

Not only does resulting anxiety and stress  from email overload inhibit overall employee wellness, the amount of time spent on emails reduces individual productivity and often turns into a workplace distraction rather than a fundamental collaboration tool.

Once an employee’s focus turns to their inbox, it leaves them with less time to complete individual work tasks leading to more extended working hours and more stress inside and outside the office.

The anxiety felt when called to action on emails at all hours of the day, the conformation with norms of responsiveness, and the overall amount of time spent handling emails all contribute to the harmful impact of email overload on overall employee wellness. In turn, this is costly to the employer regarding aggregate absenteeism.

Every company should be focused on learning how to manage email overload to avoid email stress.

StatusToday’s artificial intelligence delivers objective insights on the pervasiveness of email overload within companies, a leading stress source in the workplace. The platform provides a solution: the live dashboard shows objectively where and when email overload is originating, which employees or teams are creating the overload and resulting stress, and who is impacted. With this knowledge, managers are empowered to action on the data presented – creating healthier email practices and happier employees.

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Managing email overload 

Email overload is connected to stress and contributes to poor employee well being. StatusToday helps you improve the wellbeing of your employees by identifying harmful email practices such as late-night correspondence that may be causing needless stress and poor work-life balance for employees.

Taking an active approach to ensuring positive employee wellness, by tracking and analyzing stress sources, including email overload, will improve overall company productivity as it reduces the risk of burnout and disengaged employees.

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