Live dashboard of StatusToday.

Live Dashboard

The live dashboard is the gateway to all the employee insights StatusToday has to offer. Access hundreds of AI-powered insights through your company’s dedicated, customizable dashboard. Use the dashboard to gain real-time visibility into employee wellness, workplace productivity, and org behavior.

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Industry Insights

StatusToday makes it possible for your company to achieve peak performance, providing you with unique industry insights so you can identify where you stand relative to others. Compare your company metrics, such as communication reach and average response rate, to other companies within the industry to identify areas of improvement.

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Web chart of org network analysis.

AI-based Analysis

Gain real-time insights driven by the latest artificial intelligence technology. Our AI works with precision and adapts to better understand each company on a unique basis. Working round-the-clock, aggregating and processing metadata, StatusToday’s AI projects insights directly to your dashboard, instantly. 

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chart of employee activity audit.

Activity Auditing

Activity auditing finally made simple. StatusToday stores all processed activity data maintaining your audit logs in a searchable archive. Secure by design, all company data is encrypted ensuring the upmost security posture. From GDPR compliance, to that file accidentally deleted by the intern, don’t worry about losing track of your precious data – we’ve got you covered.

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Insights program dashboard.

Operational Reports

The “need-to-knows” of your company activity over a longer time frame presented in one comprehensive report. StatusToday ensures you don’t miss the bigger picture and see workplace trends as they emerge. Whether it’s operations, engagement or people risks, the reports summarize current and emerging trends within your company so that you can make informed decisions to streamline workflows.

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One-click integrations

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