Organization Network Analysis (ONA)

Organization Network Analysis (ONA) provides an x-ray of communication and collaboration patterns. Identify potential bottlenecks, visualize resource flows between teams and assess operational effectiveness to gain true org behavior insight.

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Industry Benchmarking with StatusToday

Industry Benchmarking

StatusToday provides unique industry insights making it possible for you to identify where you stand relative to other companies. Compare company metrics, such as communication reach and average response rate, to others within the industry to identify areas of improvement.

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AI-powered Insights

Gain real-time insights driven by the latest AI technology. StatusToday works with precision and adapts to better understand each company on a unique basis. Working round-the-clock, aggregating and processing metadata, insights are projected directly to your customizable dashboard, instantly. 

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Activity auditing with StatusToday

Advanced Activity Auditing

StatusToday stores all processed activity data maintaining your company audit logs in an easily searchable archive. Be covered for GDPR and compliance. StatusToday is secure by design as all company data is encrypted ensuring the upmost security posture.

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Operational Reports with StatusToday

Operational Reports

Your company “need-to-knows” over a longer time frame presented in one comprehensive report. StatusToday ensures you don’t miss the bigger picture and see workplace trends as they emerge so that you can make informed decisions to streamline workflows.

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