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Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)

For companies, the Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) provides an x-ray of communication and collaboration patterns.  Improve team collaboration with real-time people analytics insights, identify potential bottlenecks and visualize resource flows between teams to gain true insight into organizational behavior.

For personal accounts, the Individual Network Analysis allows you to map out your communication web with external contacts and quickly pinpoint who is most critical to your network, as well as who is a source of overload and stress.

Graph and Index of Email Overload signals powered by AI People Analytics to transform organizational behavior

Industry Benchmarking

Isaak provides unique industry insights making it possible for you to identify where you stand relative to other companies, as a professional or as an organization. Compare company metrics, such as communication reach and average response rate to others within the industry to identify areas of improvement.

Dashboard view of Employee Engagement Metrics Feature to improve organizational behavior

Communication Trends

By aggregating and processing metadata, Isaak gives real-time people analytics to allow you to better understand and measure if you and your teams are collaborating effectively as well as identify trends in communication and engagement patterns.

Both individuals and organizations can benefit from insights showing personal or company productivity metrics compared to benchmarks, and Isaak, the AI, works round the clock to provide results instantly to your dashboard.

Table of data track record for compliance powered by AI people analytics

Advanced Activity Auditing

Stay covered for GDPR and compliance and maintain clear digital records. Isaak stores all processed activity data to maintain your audit logs in an easily searchable archive. Secure by design, all your data is encrypted to ensure utmost protection.

Email Overload Signals

Workplace Wellbeing Signals

See real time insights on overworking signals and email overload that could be causing unnecessary stress. Understand trends in overworking outside typical office hours, such as late at night or on the weekend, that could be leading to burnout, and pinpoint who is causing unnecessary email overload. For teams, also identify who is most affected internally by these pressures so you know where to provide extra support.

With this information, Isaak helps you make better-informed decisions on who may be causing disproportionate overload and where to cut back on unnecessary work to transform your workplace wellbeing.

Company report of People Analytics such as employee engagement metrics providing an Organizational Behavior Overview

Alerts and Reports

Get greater visibility into your people analytics with personal and employee engagement metrics, communication insights, and collaboration reports. Receive weekly alerts notifying you of any changes Isaak detects in your workplace behavior to make better-informed decisions on how to streamline workflows and improve efficiency.

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