Live Dashboard

The live dashboard is the gateway to all the employee analytics that StatusToday has to offer. Access hundreds of AI-powered insights through your company’s dedicated dashboard. Use it to get real-time visibility into roles, teams, departments and overall company activity.  Get Started 

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Search Interface

StatusToday’s search runs through thousands of archived company event logs to retrieve information that matters to you. Basic Search allows you to instantly find any company user, activity or digital resource, while Advanced Search enables additional filters by date or location. Get Started 

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Threat Detection

As a GCHQ Cyber Accelerator Alumni, StatusToday gives you confidence in the security of company digital assets. State-of-the-art AI detects possible threats and creates security insights for you to act on. Abnormal file exploration and access from unusual locations are just two of the tagged anomalous behaviors that StatusToday draws your attention to, working non-stop to protect your company from today’s complex cyber-threats. Get Started 

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Automatic Log Management

StatusToday safely stores all processed activity data, saving you the burden of tedious and costly log management. Your logs will never be lost and can be easily accessed at any point in time. All company data is encrypted by StatusToday, ensuring the upmost security posture and compliance. Get Started 

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Operational Reports

The “need-to-knows” of your company activity over a longer time frame presented in one comprehensive report. StatusToday ensures you don’t miss the bigger picture and see workplace trends as they emerge. Whether it’s operations, engagement or people risks, the reports summarize current and emerging trends within your company so that you can make informed decisions to streamline workflows. Get Started 

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