The world's first Employee Insights Platform

World's First Employee Insights Platform

Employee Well-being

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Email Overload

Identify harmful email practices contributing to overall stress levels, such as persistent late night correspondence.

Overworking Signals

Understand which teams are prone to excessive weekend and after-hours work, so you can prevent employee burnout.

Focus Hours

Uncover “Focus Hours” – time without digital activity – so you can ensure employees are getting the critical, uninterrupted hours they need to complete work.

Overworking Index

Based on email overload, overworking signals and focus hours insights, the Overworking Index is an aggregate metric indicating how your employee well-beingmeasures overall.

Workplace Productivity


Analyze key collaboration trends to optimize and improve teamwork, reachability, employee influence and streamline productivity.


Keep up-to-date on  internal and external communication trends, pinpoint bottlenecks, identify reach and responsiveness and more.

Workplace Distractions

Internal and external “noise” – or spamming – is flagged by the AI so you can decrease ineffective communication and ensure GDPR compliance.

Org Behavior

Employee Lifecycle

Analyze activity and engagement at different stages of the employee lifecycle, from on-boarding to off-boarding, to optimize each stage of employment and ensure success.

Activity Auditing

An automatic, centralized and searchable audit log of digital activity to ensure you’re covered for compliance and GDPR, while providing an in-depth view of org behavior.

Unusual Activity

Be alerted to unusual activity that may signal compromise of your business so you can immediately action on incidents of interest.

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