Identify people risk

From improper file access to private email abuse, StatusToday makes you aware of unwanted internal changes, putting you in a better position to address them.

Risky employees

From unusual offsite access locations and odd log-in hours to consumption of highly-sensitive files, your company faces endless open-ended risks. StatusToday spots early signs of anomalous employee behavior and alerts you accordingly.

Unwarranted file access

Not all digital assets of your company are meant for all eyes. StatusToday’s AI identifies and alerts you to cases of snooping around sensitive company files and also makes you aware of which individuals are prone to heavy file accessing.

Leavers compromising your business

Ex-employees retaining privileged logins or company data on personal devices can present a liability for your company’s competitive edge. StatusToday automatically generates a leaver’s report for outgoing employees, so that your off-boarding processes have everything covered.

Insiders stealing information

Whether it’s done by external contractors or rogue employees, through private email or external disks transfers, sensitive information can exit your company through many channels. StatusToday’s AI keeps a watchful eye on your information to preserve business integrity.