Prevent business damage

StatusToday works round-the-clock. Phishing emails, data breaches, leaked documents and other cyber threats won’t catch you off guard.

Compromised accounts

Whether a case of phishing attacks or stolen credentials, sensitive information can  slip out of your company through compromised employees. StatusToday’s AI keeps an eye on your information, detecting vulnerable company accounts to preserve business integrity.

Forgotten file-sharing

With selected company information being shared externally, losing track of all that goes out in the open can happen. StatusToday’s allows you to always be on top of what file-shares are created and publicly available.

Early threat detection

Companies often learn of security incidents months after they have occurred. You can count on StatusToday’s live alerting to immediately notify you whenever company data or employees’ security are threatened.

Digging up information

Carrying out investigations is essential to incident management.  StatusToday’s Advanced Search empowers you to easily uncover all company actions.