Make team management easy

Being a modern manager can be challenging at times. We know that. StatusToday provides everything you need to know about your team in one place. Customizable and interactive, our dashboard analytics are broken down by department, teams, roles and individuals, empowering you to run your company easily and efficiently.

84% of managers don’t know how to accurately measure the engagement and productivity of their team members.

Understanding everyone’s average day

Everyone in your team is unique. Their working styles will differ accordingly. StatusToday’s activity insights show in detail how your employees’ typical workday looks.

Improving communication

Efficient and timely communication is critical to business success. StatusToday’s dashboard enables you to check email volumes, top communicators, critical employees, response rates, response times and levels of engagement.

Keeping track of client communications

Ever needed to check if an important email got sent out to a key client? Or how frequently they engage with you? How about forgetting who’s last in touch with them? StatusToday compiles all your team’s emails with individual company domains into separate communications timelines.

Tracking employee engagement

When managing big teams, constant one-to-one contact is not always possible. StatusToday helps you continuously measure employees’ engagement levels and changes over time, empowering you to focus your improvement efforts.

Catching up with your team

Whether after a holiday or hectic period, catching up with your team’s activity shouldn’t be painful. StatusToday’s activity insights will effortlessly have you back in the driver seat without lengthy activity reviews.