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Understand Workplace Distractions

Reduce employee workplace distractions and improve employee success by analyzing the health of external relations. StatusToday will help you manage, action and reduce cold email noise affecting your organization.

Cut the noise from cold email

StatusToday can help you manage, action and reduce cold email noise affecting your organization.

The key to ensuring maximum workplace productivity lies in the ability to detect and address workplace distractions. 

One of the most common workplace distractions is external sources such as cold email noise – a.k.a. “spam.” Spam is junk mail, where messages are sent by an unsolicited email. These are workplace distractions that companies everywhere and of all sizes are forced to address. These cold emails and unwanted newsletters often escape the initial filtering of our junk box and end up in company inboxes.

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Unwanted and a waste of precious time

Landing in company inboxes mean these emails must be actioned on, even if just to hit “delete,” consequently taking time and effort to filter through day in and day out, wasting precious time. Newsletters and cold email noise, often “human-to-human” spam that includes reaching out, selling services and prospecting, are extremely disturbing and persistent for the average employee, taking away time and effort better spent elsewhere.

StatusToday empowers managers to decrease external cold email noise

StatusToday’s artificial intelligence draws insights from communication-related data to highlight the prevalence of email noise. Through analysis involving the number of inbound and outbound correspondences, and including the resulting ratio between the two, StatusToday models the “health” of a relationship between sender and recipient. StatusToday labels the relationships ranging from “one-sided and very bad” to “healthy relationship.”

The ability to objectively check the “health” of the relationship between one’s company to an external source is imperative, especially in light of GDPR regulations. StatusToday allows managers to easily identify where unsolicited and unconsented external messages are sourced. The platform’s data-based identification allows you to see how many times and which external domain has affected your company’s productivity with unwanted external inbound noise.

Reduce cold emails with StatusToday. Manage email overload and reduce workplace distractions and cold emails with our Insights program.
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Address the noise for productive outcomes

StatusToday gets to the bottom of the issue by offering an automatic notice in the form of a formal request to stop such cold email noise activity, to be sent to the external spammer. Alternatively, Statustoday provides managers the ability to easily block the domains from which they are receiving noise. With this information, managers are empowered to address this unproductive habit to the betterment of workplace efficiency and productivity.  Addressing these workplace distractions by decreasing noise allows companies, and employees, to reach their full productive potential.

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